An idea, from concept to implementation, is nurtured and supported by many people in its journey. swheal had its set of champions, experienced professionals, who brought myriad perspectives to develop a platform that will de-stress patient and caretaker experience of accessing healthcare services. A thank you for their generosity of time and experience sharing.

  1. Ankit Jain
  2. Anupam Verma
  3. Dr. A Velumani
  4. Dr. Sanjay Arora
  5. Dr. Raman Sodhi
  6. Dr. Sujit Chatterjee
  7. Daivta Chavan Patil
  8. Dipti Naik
  9. Humayun Jafri
  10. Hemant Thadani
  11. Jeetha D’silva
  12. Jenisha Shah
  13. Kanamma Raman
  14. Nitin Malekar
  15. Pawan Sharma
  16. Shriranjani Rao
  17. Sanjay Ranade
  18. Sudhakar Solomanraj
  19. Tarun Seetha
  20. Tejaswi Joshi
  21. Ujwala Kemkar

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