About swheal

swheal (swaasth + health) aims to de-stress the patient and caretaker experience of accessing healthcare. At swheal, we make accessing healthcare simple and convenient for you. We strive to handhold the patient/ caretaker journey – at every touch point – by providing relevant Health Information and Healthcare Infrastructure guidance.

People access healthcare out of necessity, not leisure, and most times, it is sudden! There is element of stress whether the person is accessing healthcare for child birth, ailments or advanced surgery. The premise of illness, and its associated anxieties, impacts the patient as well as the caretaker, who is caring for the loved one and balancing normal routine. The information asymmetry further complicates their experience. Our content is neutral, unbiased, and driven by experiences, so what you read is what you can trust.

What to expect from swheal? Our philosophy:

Simplify – all information in simple, uncomplicated language

Wide spectrum – relevant healthcare information, in different communication formats, primarily related to chronic ailments

Handhold – ease anxiety and save time in finding the service providers, relevant services and offerings for patient care

Empathy – in the time of need, be the trusted, go-to information platform

Allay – in the digital space, misinformation and disinformation float freely: swheal focuses on authentic information and debunking myths

Liase – work with the stakeholders of the healthcare ecosystem, an emotionally sensitive subject, to ensure harmonious engagement with the patient/ caretaker

As a mission, swheal exists to create understanding and be a trust building platform between the healthcare service beneficiary (patient & caretaker) and the healthcare eco-system.

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