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Cardiologists are doctors who specialize in the treatment of the cardiovascular system which includes the heart and blood vessels.  Cardiologists are qualified to treat heart attacks, heart failure, heart valve disease, arrhythmia, and high blood pressure.

A cardiologist will do a physical examination, order tests such as an electrocardiogram (EKG), blood tests, exercise stress tests and interpret test results to decide the best treatment approach. They may also prescribe medicines for a range of cardiac illnesses, recommend lifestyle changes such as diet, exercise, reducing stress levels and managing weight. Cardiologists also educate habits that promote heart health.

They may perform specialized procedures, such as cardiac catheterization, to help diagnose and guide treatment of a variety of heart conditions.

cardiologists in mumbai

Dr Prashant Kharche

Dr Anup Taksande

Dr Aniruddha Pawar

Dr Sandeep Garg

Dr Nayana Gosavi

DR Bhagyashri Karande

Dr Harminder Singh

Dr Surendra Gangawane

Dr Sandeep Patil

Dr Nitinkumar Abdagire

Dr Ganesh Kumar

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Dr Irfan Khan

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Dr Mukul Kaushik

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DR Rushikesh Patil

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DR Lekha Pathak

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Dr Deepak Prabhudas Turakhia

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Dr Biswa Panda

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Dr Jayshree Mishra

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Dr Vislon

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DR Sanjay Prabhu

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