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A surgeons is a doctor who specializes in performing surgical procedures to treat various medical conditions, injuries, or diseases. They are highly trained professionals who possess extensive knowledge of anatomy, physiology, and medical techniques. Surgeons may specialize in specific areas of the body (e.g., neurosurgery, orthopedic surgery, cardiovascular surgery) or specific types of surgery (e.g., cosmetic surgery, reconstructive surgery, laparoscopic surgery).  Surgeons complete the following tasks:

  • Diagnosing medical conditions: Surgeons work closely with patients to diagnose their medical conditions through physical examinations, medical history assessments, diagnostic tests, and imaging studies.
  • Surgical planning: Surgeons develop treatment plans tailored to individual patients based on their diagnoses, medical history, and specific needs
  • Performing surgeries: Surgeons perform surgical procedures using various techniques and tools to address a wide range of medical and surgical issues.
  • Collaborating with medical teams: Surgeons often work as part of interdisciplinary medical teams, collaborating with other healthcare professionals such as anesthesiologist, nurses, and surgical assistants to provide comprehensive care to patients before, during, and after surgery
  • Postoperative care: Surgeons monitor patients’ progress after surgery, manage any postoperative complications, and provide follow-up care to ensure patients recover effectively.

GENERAL SURGEons in mumbai

Dr Sameer Rege

Dr Hemant Patil

Dr Sanjiv Karkhanis

Dr Priyesh P Naik

Dr Vinit Paliwal

Dr Bimal Shah

Dr Sanjay Parab

Dr Sarang Degloorkar

Dr Rajiv Manek

Dr Pankaj Shastri

Dr Shalil Patil

Dr Suresh Sehgal

Dr Pankaj Bhanushali

affiliated with

Dr Abhijit Joshi

affiliated with

Dr Vinaykumar Thapar

affiliated with

Dr Anirudha Patil

affiliated with

Dr HK Rangan

affiliated with

Dr Nilesh Doctor

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Dr Rajiv Das

affiliated with

Dr Sukadev Khadtare

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