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Urologists are specialist doctors who provide medical and surgical treatment to anyone with a disorder of the kidney, urinary tract, bladder and urethra. Urologists treat urinary and pelvic conditions in males and females, and reproductive and genital conditions in males. People may see an urologist for a range of different conditions, including:

  • problems with urination, including an overactive bladder
  • bladder and kidney infections
  • blood in the urine
  • incontinence
  • kidney stones and bladder stones
  • cancer of the kidney, bladder or adrenal glands
  • pelvic floor problems

They can also treat problems specific to males including enlarged prostate (benign prostatic hypertrophy), inflamed or infected prostate (prostatitis), prostate cancer, testicular cancer, varicocele and cysts and erectile dysfunction and infertility

Some urologists specialize in specific areas. For instance, pediatric urologists focus on treating urinary and reproductive system disorders in infant, children and teenagers. There are also sub-specialties like robotic surgery where urologists use advanced technology with 3D images and computer-guided tools.

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